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Episode 01 The God Cells Podcast November 18, 2018 “Chronic Pain”

Episode One of “The God Cells Podcast” with Eric Merola. I speak to Cathy, the mother of Ben, who recently went to EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine for fetal stem cell therapy seeking relief from his chronic pain. Questions? Email Eric and ask him anything.

“The God Cells” director Eric Merola discusses fetal stem cell therapy and the making of the film (August 28, 2018)

Listen to Eric Merola discuss “The God Cells”, fetal stem cell therapy, and his own experience getting the therapy and documenting others who have also made the journey. Click here to listen.

Sofi’s story – Muscular Dystrophy treated with fetal stem cells at EmCell (June, 2018)

In June of 2018, Sofi received another treatment of fetal stem cell therapy at EmCell. Sofi was in the original documentary, “The God Cells”. Director Eric Merola makes frequent trips to EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine to continue his research and documentation related to fetal stem cells therapy and research. If you watched The God Cells and wish to seek this therapy while he and other Americans are there, don’t hesitate to email Eric, here. EmCell in Kiev, Ukraine is the only known government approved and regulated fetal stem cell laboratory and hospital in the world.

Dani and family story – Severe Arthritis Relieved by fetal stem cell treatment at EmCell (April, 2018)

In April of 2018, Dani Burton’s mother and grandmother received fetal stem cell therapy at EmCell. Dani Burton was in the original documentary, “The God Cells”.

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